www.inclusionforall.co.uk went online on May 17th 2012

Number of teachers/trainee teachers trained to date

7,200 since November 2009-December 2014

1st January 2015 to June 2015 832 (plus spoken to 1500 students in school assemblies this year)

Impact (data from IFA evaluation sheets)

100% of delegates state they feel better equipped to prevent bullying related to sexual orientation and identity after IFA training.

98% of delegates state IFA training is outstanding.

Ongoing ‘pop up’ national Inclusion For All Conferences. These have taken place across the country from Devon, Liverpool, Wirral, London, Birmingham, Hull, Nottingham, Derby to Birkenhead with more planned next year in Devon, Liverpool an Cardiff.

OFSTED found our work to be ‘outstanding’ in 2012 at Alfred Salter Primary School and again in 2014 at Liverpool Hope University they stated it was ‘invaluable for every school’.

Our work is now recommended by Church of England in ‘Valuing All God’s Children’ the Church of England Faith School resource

IFA have recently helped develop the Amnesty International LGBT Education pack